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How is early music taught, whether in conservatoires or in universities? What is the landscape of early music education? How can the differences between local situations and the ambitions of young researchers and artists from all over Europe and beyond be compensated for by an adapted educational offer? This WG will survey European early music education, performing comparative analyses of national curricula in an international, European context. This type of work requires a strong coordination between all EarlyMuse partners. However, it is based on taking into account all national situations. The oc-2021-1 12 task is manageable in the sense that not all universities have a musicology department and not all conservatories have an early music department. WG1 will provide the essential basis for any discussion that takes into account the diversity of the European landscape, while emphasizing shared strengths. The WG1 will be implemented from the beginning of the programme and will be an essential element in consolidating the network of partners.