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Events of the EarlyMuse project

Upcoming meetings

22-24/05/2024 : Wroclaw, Poland

WG2 + WG3 + WG4 + MC3 + CORE

Past meetings

05-06/02/2024 : Zagreb, Croatia

WG1 + WG5 + CORE

01-02/12/2023 : Brussels, Belgium


19-20/09/2023 : Barcelona, Spain

WG3 Meeting on monumental editions

Gather and analyze information on the state of monumental editions in Europe since 2015 and their future (scientific and economic).

11-13/09/2023 : Padova, Italy

WG1 + MC2 + CORE

Annual meeting for reporting on WGs actions.

06/03/2023 : Lisbon, Portugal

WG1 + WG2 + WG4 + CORE

WG1 – During the Working Group meeting the members will focus on data obtained nationally by the partners: problems and examples of good practices, based on that deploy new indicators.

WG4 – To strength the link between academic research, experimentation and performance, and its respective discourses; to propose a shift from the “Historically Informed Performance” model to the “Historically Formed Performer”; Early Music as a tool to (re)discover repertoires and performance practices (vs. a “label of sonority”).

WG2 – Identify the projects and analyze their goals in order to suggest a share vision on how to engage with sources. Contribution to an ontology of musical works that takes into account the diversity of sources. Modalities of action with conservation institutions (national or local libraries, public or private).

13/02/2023 : Barcelona, Spain

WG5 + WG3 + CORE

WG5 – Established a detailed strategy for a new policy making of early music. A critical reading of the new documents produced by Music Moves Europe and Europe Creative will be organised.

WG3 – Analyzing the current situation of the main types of early music editions: from the so-called Monumenta musicae collections or “Denkmäler”, published at a national level, to major early music series, single-composer editions, and other types of early music editions.