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What opportunities currently exist for performing artists? How have these opportunities changed due to the pandemic? How well is early music represented in festivals or concert series? What about on streaming services or through record companies? This WG will create a basis of understanding for what challenges and opportunities are available to early music performers today and will develop a basis of understanding for performers to negotiate career development. Particular attention will be paid to the opportunities open to young researchers as well as to the possibilities open to women to occupy positions of responsibility in the field of early music. How can we rethink the discovery of early music? How can we live differently with known early music? How can we design a European space around this immense heritage that links the dynamics of scientific laboratories with training centres for performers and broadcasters? Does this tripartition not deserve to be rethought in the light of another conception oc-2021-1 13 of cultural action? How can we anchor in the universe of cultural practices a resolutely scientific approach based on the enhancement of an exceptional and living heritage through the emotional force of the performance? In the form of publications, the WG4 will result in proposals that can feed into debates organised in professional circles during European or international congresses and musical events.